Leadership Metaformation Institute

  • Transforming the Heart
    Sept 2-5, 2019 Bergen, Norway
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  • Transforming the Heart
    Oct 9-12, 2019 Frederick, MD
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  • Coaching the Heart
    Oct 23-26, 2019 Redding, CA
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  • What we do is train leaders in heart transformation. It's about going deep, beyond strategies and skills to engage core desires. You will:

    • Experience profound change as you encounter Jesus speaking to your deepest desires
    • Learn skills for coaching the heart and transforming others
    • Learn to create organizational cultures of deep engagement and transformation
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    How we do it is by letting Jesus do all the ministry. It's a completely new experience: instead of teaching, we let Jesus teach you directly, using:

    • Powerful Taste of Heaven encounters with staging, original music and more
    • A highly-interactive learning style featuring learning games, demos, practice, & encounters
    • 8 weeks of follow-up teams to help you apply what you learned
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    Who we serve is leaders and helping professionals. We create small, high-touch venues where you'll learn in relationship with:

    • World-class facilitators like master coach Tony Stoltzfus
    • Class size limited to 32 so you get up close and personal with our team
    • A small group of four team-mates that walks with you through the entire course
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