Module 2: Grow


28 weeks

Time Commitment

5 hrs per week


$2,495 or 7 payments of $375

Gain greater understanding of becoming an encounter coach

If you are hungry to make a difference in those you lead and want to see more sustainable results, then this module is for you.

Module 2 will deepen your understanding and practice of Encounter Coaching. You’ll learn to effectively walk yourself and others from places of frustration, pain and disappointment to a place where Jesus meets needs and heals hearts.

What You Will Learn:

  • Become proficient in seeing Jesus effect change at a deep heart level especially in the areas of core motivators and beliefs. 
  • Understand how to reframe any situation from heaven’s perspective.
  • Actually see how God “uses all things for good”. 
  • Learn the journey God takes leaders on to fulfill their destiny. 
  • Understand why process is important and what God is doing at each step of the way. 
  • Experience an entirely different Encounter with heaven. 

Module Details

  • Coaching the Heart
  • Five Guidelines to Praying Your Desire
  • Asking in Faith
  • Business vs Relationship
  • Drilling Down to Desire
  • Creating a Faith Atmosphere
  • Troubleshooting Obstacles
  • Working with Beliefs
  • Belief Obstables to Encounter
  • Inner Healing with Coach
  • Emotional Memories
  • Identity: Who do you say I am?

28 weeks | 5 hours per week for learning, practice session and homework

  • One Time Payment $2495
  • 7 Monthly Installments of $375/month

Certification is free!

The cost for Module 1 & Module 2 is the same regardless of whether you are going for certification or not. The only difference is you’ll need to log 100 hours of specific Encounter Coaching time to get certified.

However, 30 of those hours will be earned just by attending Modules 1 & 2.

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