MetaFormation empowers leaders with practical coaching skills to transform lives using powerful conversations with Jesus

Me•ta: An awareness of a higher state, often signifying change
Form•a•tion: The action or process of giving shape to something


A higher awareness of the heart beliefs
that shape transformational change

Are you a leader of a business, ministry or non-profit who feels

  • Frustrated and burned out not seeing more breakthrough in yourself and those you lead?
  • Alone and discouraged  longing for support and connection with those who carry the same heart and mind?
  • Dry desiring God to touch you in more profound ways?

MetaFormation understands your passionate desire to impact those around you while nurturing your own sense of peace and personal well-being.

Through MetaFormation, you will:

  • Learn powerful coaching skills that bring breakthrough to people
  • Effectively lead yourself and others into transformational freedom 
  • Become a powerful listener, connecting the hearts of people to God and vice versa
  • Engage with God in more meaningful ways
  • Receive ongoing support and connection with like-minded, like-hearted leaders

3 Ways To Get Equipped

Free Webinars

Join Master Coach Tony Stoltzfus on these FREE LIVE WEBINARS that happen twice a month. Register now for “Ask Tony Anything” and “Encounter Coaching With Tony”.


Our Workshops give you a taste of what  MetaFormation is all about. In these sessions, you will experience the power of dialoguing with Jesus and the transformation it brings.


Our Modules equip you with the training and support to cultivate transformation in yourself and those you lead.  Grow confidence and competence in leading others more effectively.

Join hundreds of leaders around the world who have discovered the power of encounter coaching


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