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Live one-on-one sessions


3 Sessions

Time Commitment

1 hr per session



Bring Jesus Into The Conversation

Coaching conversations are client-driven, and our job as coaches is to facilitate the discovery and growth process. What makes Encounter Coaching different from most Christian coaching is bringing Jesus into the conversation.

He speaks directly to your heart. And from that place, breakthrough and freedom occur.

Encounter coaching addresses the emotional brain, so you’ll experience lasting change through heart transformation– instead of just temporary behaviour modification.

What You Can Expect:

By Session One, we will help you:

  • Process a topic or issue you’d like to address
  • Clarify where coaching would best complement your life
  • Identify action steps to help you in your journey

By Session Two, you will:

  • Feel more comfortable engaging with Jesus in a coaching session
  • Find it easier connecting with your heart
  • Hear Jesus speak quickly and directly to you

By Session Three, you will:

  • Start to experience significant measurable change
  • Have encountered Jesus consistently at a deep heart level
  • Feel more confident in your ability to hear God’s voice

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Book 3 sessions with one of our Certified Encounter Coaches and experience Encounter Coaching for yourself!

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