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Etienne’s God encounters have marked him so powerfully, he has made it his life mission to help others experience the same.

As a pioneer, leader and community developer, Etienne has seen God come through many seemingly impossible situations. It is now his joy to assist people in conquering their challenges by being aware of God’s involvement in their lives. 

Etienne has coached and trained in over 30 nations.

Etienne, his wife and three kids have called Central Asia and the Middle East home for the last 25 years, working with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Todd Olsen

“How can I have Kingdom impact as a Christian in business?”
That question propelled Todd to leave a successful 30-year career negotiating multi-billion dollar deals at Ford. He has since devoted his time and energy to developing leaders who create lasting influence and legacy.

Todd created his own coaching business in 2016. Although he saw decent results with traditional coaching methods, it wasn’t until using Encounter Coaching and inviting Jesus into the conversation that he saw exponential transformation with clients. 

Todd and Kathy, his wife of over 35 years, live in Michigan and have five kids and six grandkids. Todd enjoys mountain biking and the outdoors. Having lived overseas, he also loves cultivating friendships with those of different cultures.

Jason Wells

Jason’s heart to lead people into deeper intimacy with Jesus has compelled him into 30 years of full-time ministry. For most, that place of deepest intimacy occurs when meeting God in the place of suffering – a place Jason is well acquainted. It is in those places that Jason meets his clients and empowers them to meet Jesus in profound, life-changing ways.

Though possessing dual masters degrees in Counseling and Ministry, it was the transformational power of Encounter Coaching that fully captured his heart.

Jason now uses the powerful tools of Encounter Coaching to develop and impact Kingdom-minded leaders at the deepest levels of the heart.

Jason resides in Colorado with his wife and three boys.

Soonil Lee

Soonil has experience as a stay-at-home mom, counselor, chaplain, teacher and a children/youth pastor. The heart that ties all these experiences together is her desire for people to experience the tangible love of Father God.

Soonil coaches people who struggle with unhealthy boundaries in their key relationships and/or have low self-worth causing them to feel depressed, anxious and hopeless. By using her gift of being curious, listening well and asking good questions to help them encounter Jesus, her clients have become more confident, have hope for their future, and have healthier relationships.

She and her husband live in Toronto, Canada with their 2 adult daughters. 

Mathew Swinson

Mathew Swinson is a Marriage Coach that helps couples experience Heaven on Earth in their relationships. Mathew’s approach uses a mixture of Encounter Coaching, Christian counseling, and performance coaching to yield measurable growth in the most vital areas of their relationship in less time (and without digging up the past or passing blame!).

He has been using Encounter Coaching with clients for 4 years and has been Coaching full-time since October of 2022.

Terry Lee

With 45 years in education and ministry, Terry recognizes the profound need to support leaders– especially those in major life transitions or serving cross-culturally.

Terry loves to train and equip people so they live, lead and coach from the heart. By using Encounter Coaching, she has witnessed Jesus empower many to overcome their own obstacles.

After being a single mom to four beautiful children, she now carries the proud honour of being grandma to 10 grandkids.

Offering transformational Christian coach training for over 15 years. 



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