Our learning methodology relies heavily on you being there for your fellow cohort members. If you drop out, it affects the learning experience for your team members. If you go in with some doubts as to whether or not this is a good fit, we strongly encourage you to take the Intro to Encounter Coaching course first to get that assurance. Also speak to one of our Enrollment Coaches, who can pray with you to discern if now is the best time for you to participate with us.

We do understand that life happens. If there’s an unexpected significant life event that occurs prior to Session 3, which prevents you from participating, we’ll work with you and your cohort team to make it work for you and the team. You can either apply the amount paid to a future workshop offering or we will refund 80% of the total fee for the Module.

If you need to drop out prior to Session 6, we will refund 50% of the total fee for the Module or apply the full amount paid to a future workshop.

If you drop out after Session 6, we cannot provide a financial refund but we will work with you to find a way to apply the amount paid for a future workshop.

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