Coaching Ministry Leaders

Many Christian coaches or coaches in training want to coach pastors or ministry leaders as part of their practice. How do you get into this niche? And what makes coaching ministry leaders successful? Here are some answers. The number one thing you need to know about coaching ministry leaders is that it is all about networking.Because […]

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Driven by Needs

Last time I wrote how being driven by distraction causes us to respond to impulse and urgency to the detriment of self care and relationships. This has a domino effect in that, when self care and relationships are not adequately met, we find ourselves driven by needs. We often do this unconsciously – how many

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Building Authenticity

A couple days ago I had another one of those “I’ve never told anyone this before but” conversations while chatting with someone at a church function. I think it was a life-changing moment for the individual I was talking to because it was building authenticity in our conversation. How often do you experience that kind

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Coaching on the Fly

A lot of coaching on the fly happens for me in the aisles at church, on airplanes, during phone calls with relatives, with casual business acquaintances, you name it. It’s a great way to change people’s lives, and if you are in business as a coach, it will also get you clients. I want to

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